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Jun 29, 2022

GCC: Europe’s Best Hope to Meet Their Energy Goals

With increased tensions with Russia and the ambitious energy goals set at the Paris Climate Accord, Europe is scrambling to find new sources of low-emissions energy. The Gulf States (GCC) are Europe’s best hope to meet their energy goals in the medium to long-term while simultaneously tapering their reliance on Russian natural gas in the short-term. There are five main reasons to support this assertion: 1) GCC have among the highest concentrations of solar radiation and considerable potential for wind. 2) Their political systems lend themselves well to quick development and limited bureaucracy. 3) GCC are desperate to diversify their economies which have historically relied on fossil fuels exclusively. 4) GCC are wealthy and can afford to develop the necessary infrastructure 5) GCC are capable of filling in the supply gap in natural gas caused by the Ukraine crisis. These assertions are tested in three main case studies: Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Independent Study under the direction of Professor Paul Holshouser

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