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I was born and raised in Kannur, a picturesque seaside town in the southern Indian state of Kerala and earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Upon graduation, I moved to Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, and joined Accenture as a software engineer, supporting production applications for an entertainment industry giant for three years. I then moved to Washington, D.C. and served as the supply chain operations engineer at a client site for four years before coming to business school.

Career Path

I joined my first project just as the client was undergoing a massive merger and had just moved to a new data processing system. It was an exhilarating learning experience, working in a fast-paced environment with no manual to guide us on any issues which cropped up. I was also fortunate to get the chance to work in a different country and collaborate with cross-functional as well as cross-cultural teams. These experiences were vital in my growth as an empathetic, resourceful and highly adaptable professional. While I enjoyed solving technical problems as an engineer, I decided to pursue an MBA in order to move to a role with greater impact, where I could make a real difference to the end users of technology. My goal is to become an industry leader who maximizes technology’s contribution to society by being mindful of the long-term impact of technical and business decisions.

Interests and Hobbies

The social impact of business, and technology in particular, is a topic close to my heart. As a Kenan scholar, I will be working with Dr. Olga Hawn to research how corporations manage sustainability challenges.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking for my friends and listening to politics, history and culture-related podcasts. As an unabashed nerd, I enjoy trivia, quizzing and trying to beat Jeopardy contestants by yelling at the TV. I love watching soccer and am a devoted fan of Liverpool FC.