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I am the daughter of two Haitian immigrant parents who found love in Brooklyn, New York and decided to raise a family. I have two older brothers who I am very close with. I have travelled nationally and internationally to represent the U.S. in fencing, which helped me get recruited onto the UNC fencing team. I enjoy reading, museums, playing guitar and weightlifting. I believe the secret to living your best life is the company you keep. “People change people.”

Career path

I plan on using my analytical and people skills to change the scope of what an HR department/team should look like. Strategic HR is a topic that is often overlooked, but there is a need to understand that behind the market trends and data analytics are just people trying to do the best for themselves and the people they love. I plan on working at large, innovative companies to create positive impact for employee work life, individual communities and the global economy, to put humanity at the forefront of work, life and community.


I enjoy reading articles and books that challenge my perspective, like the Tao of Pooh, and classics like Brave New World and The Great Gatsby. Podcasts are also extremely engaging when they are about mental health, politics, divergent thinkers and popular culture. I love working out with my friends, especially in nature, and eating new foods of different cultures (yes, vegan foods too!).